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Hello world, At the right time now we are discuss about how to make a website tutorial. Website is an important parts of business where information displayed every things or other product every things displayed here. So if you want to make your online shop website, you will start make a website. There are many kinds of different paid and free website builder platform and those website builders around the market available in the world.

WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Weebly, Cpanel and Drupal etc. You can also make a website by the coding scratch and create a perfect website as you want like this website. Now you can see a just ratio of popular website builder.

popular website builder

This report issues from BuiltWith .As you can see from the graph around the world in 2019, the most popular website builders or content management system is the ranking stage serially here:

  • WordPress – 54%
  • Wix – 7%
  • Progress sitefirity-4%
  • Squarespace – 4%
  • Joomla -4%
  • Other – 26%

Here why most people use WordPress to build a website

First of all we are describing about WordPress because it is largest and most popular uses website builders it’s totally free. It has more facilities like that WordPress is the easiest platform and publicly useable for developer. WordPress making website are ready for small business websites, online shops, corporate website, blogging and multiple kind of websites.

But most important that information:

  • WordPress vs. HTML and CSS learning is too hard for make a website.
  • WordPress fully responsive and dynamic website builders.
  • This website builder is low costing price from other website builders.
  • WordPress have a big community for developing the all-time.
  • Joomla/Drupal vs. WordPress is just same but user friendlier and SEO.
  • It is very professional viewer and design concept.

If you want to more information gather about wordpress please visit the WordPress official website. If for some cases you don’t want to use other platform and if you want to use other platform have good experience. But I think or suggest for you WordPress website builders if best for make a website.

Now we are describing step by step website started:

Step 01: Register a Domain Name and Hosting

get domain and web hosting

if you finally selected your website builder is wordpress or any other type of website, first of all you are going to need two things:

  • Domain Name (example like
  • Web Hosting (where are you connect your site to internet)

In order to store your images, content and website files, do not think your website without web hosting and not start on internet your store or business. So first you have choose a web hosting package for your website storage.

Domain name is other important parts of website; it is name of website so it need to fine name for your website. If you are looking the whole world website name is most usable for a website like as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

Domain and Hosting also both are buying from any server provider company look like Bluehost, Namcheap, Gobuddy. So owning your own domain looks far more professional and standard on someone else’s domain. More hosting provider company offer domains FREE for one year ($15/year).

Where do I register domain name and get web hosting?

Where do I register domain

 I’ve mostly used and as web hosting and domain registrar. If you are use any other hosting provider company to get free domain with your hosting. So now I am start about namecheap website introduce for get your best hoting service.

Namecheap they are provides many kinds of hosting plan it’s here look like with price:

  • Shared Hosting  –  $2.88/month
  • Reseller Hosting – $16.88/month
  • VPS Hosting – $14.88/month
  • Dedicated Servers – as competitively priced
  • Email Hosting $9.88/year
  • Manage WordPress Hosting – $1 for the first month

So now select your plan package and get in the search for domain name choose.

Step 02: Setup Up Your Website

Once you have bought your selected domain and hosting, great you are well for your website starting.

Now it’s time to start your website up and live. The first things you will need to download WordPress and then install wordpress to your domain.

Installing WordPress: There are two possible ways to install wordpress, One is too much easy and other is some complicated for installation. Now we are discuss about these two way installation details.

  1. First way is ‘One click installation’ to create website with wordpress.

This way is very simple and easy for install wordpress. Firstly login to your cpanel dashboard and then search this panel by “softaculous”. Then come into a box of software where multiple CMS software displayed. Now here you are choose wordpress logo and then click their step to step next option. Your cpanel also have into your hosting client panel available from this. Please follow the image and idea generate for your one click installation.


If any kinds of problem locate it, please contact your hosting provider guide.

2.Other way is manual install guide.

If you cause any odd reason for one click install then you will go on manual install guide. You don’t way the option install wordpress automatically. Look this manual guideline below: First of all you are download wordpress package software from wordpress org. Then create a database on phpmyadmin panel then upload wordpress file into hosting then connect database on config.php. Then next to next step increase for installation.

Step 03: How to design your website

how to design your website

Once you have successfully completed installed wordpress to your domain hosting. Now you will see you’re a very simple yet clean site. You show just a default theme design view which that provides wordpress. So if you want to change this theme for your own style theme. That’s you need a theme a design template that support wordpress. See an example of free wordpress theme that can after install.


WordPress Org have 1500+ of awesome, professional designed themes available for free download themes. And this theme is very customizable and professional design view. Most of WordPress themes are Free use and highly customization.

Here is How to Find a Theme you Like and Selection

  1. Login after wordpress dashboard introduce:

If you sure your site domain name ( and url confirm that you are going this URL then come login panel then input here username and password. Then come like this image view.


  1. Get or find out free theme for install.

After login wordpress dashboard then will introduce wordpress menu item up to bottom. Then you will select the item name appearance then click come submenu button themes then click here. Here available more themes up to 1500+ items. If you are select the best theme or I have even compiled a list of 20 best popular wordpress themes.

If you want something more professional or standard design views theme than what you will find where there’s big library of themes.

But before you do search that which design you want then sure browsing free wordpress themes. After that if you couldn’t the right theme then goes on for paid themes.


As you can see above all themes then finally select a best design theme and download for using.

  1. Install your theme :

You have already get the theme you like that, then installing it is as simple as clicking install or upload theme button click and then active this.  


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