Why Need A Good SEO Friendly Article:

A good SEO friendly article writing is a very important stage of search engine ranking. If you are to the first rank on any search engine like google, bing, yahoo, and Yandex, you should need a good article content. So Seo is the best practice for writing content. Even in the time more website provides unique content for you by dollar. But those content not seo friendly content. After purchase this content then make you or your seo expert must seo friendly until publish. And if you want our have many seo expert available for help you. Although amhobo’s content can help you for writing seo friendly article.

why need seo articles

So if you finally make your content is best writing by seo expert. Then publish your content on your website. Otherwise you are not writing seo friendly article you follow our blog post and create a perfect article for your blog.

How to Make an SEO Friendly Title For Content:

Now we are giving tips for you how to make a seo friendly title for your blog content. At first chose a perfect length word 8-10 for seo friendly title. Then the title check bye headline analyzer, it say to improve the title where are use powerfull word and where common word and uncommon word. You will see all report in headline analyzer website for perfect title making. There get a good idea for raking the perfect title to create link bellow headline analyzer.


seo title make

Now SEO Friendly Content Write And Permalink Setup:

Content is main topics for search engine ranking factor.  So now we are discussing about how to write seo friendly article for your blog site. At first google recommended for content length 2200+ words. why they are how much content for first ranking.?  because of google crawl firstly more informative content.  So you are first priority focus on content length is perfect.  then follow other topics also important for ranking factors. that is a quality image adding with alt tag.  look like that follow screenshot.

image alt tag setup

Now you are follow linking on your content. Linking is two type one is an internal link and another is an external link. Link is also essential for search engine robots indexing. Include this link above all 2/3 internal links and 1/2 external links. And a more important issue is permalink that is setup by keywords. Follow the screenshot and get an idea

permalink setup

And other stage is Subheading distribution.  after the content, 300-word per have a subheading added that is best for SEO. if possible your keywords included in the subheading.

subheading keywords

For more attractive your blog content you will use image and video per topic or para. Each para understands user easily and they are helping by this. And quick idea generates the view this video,

Have a good idea generate see those links and get experience look it: best web browser, What is Woocommerce is Best. Adobe Photoshop Cs6.

Some Tools For Help Write Content :

headline analyzer,





keywords shitter





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